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The College of Advanced Chinese Training, BLCU
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Educational modes: The College of Advanced Chinese Training provides foreign students with a wide range of educational modes, e.g. Chinese language education, Chinese two-year-higher specialized education, Putonghua training for students from Hong Kong and Macao and the overseas students and no-diploma long-term continuing education.

Composition: The College of Advanced Chinese Training consists of College Administration Office, Office of Academic Affairs, Foreign Student Administration Office, Department of Elementary Chinese Training, Department of Intermediate and Advanced Chinese Training and Institute of Long-term Studies of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.

Faculty: The College of Advanced Chinese Training possesses an excellent teaching staff team, which has solid professional skills, rich teaching experience, flexible and advanced teaching methods and great teaching effectiveness. Every year, it attracts more than 1500 students from above 130 countries to come and study here, which makes it the top one among other colleges.

Training objectives: We dedicate to improve our students’ communication skills in Chinese on the basis of their original Chinese levels, and offer them an access to have a better knowledge of Chinese history, culture and society. All in all, we are aiming to cultivate our students into highly qualified application-oriented talents with good Chinese skills who meet the human resource need of the international community.

Characteristics: First of all, The College of Advanced Chinese Training always puts more emphasis on students’ performances in class. We would like to inspire our students to take part in every activity they are curious about in class and let them enjoy the students-dominated atmosphere in class as well as gaining important Chinese knowledge through their active participation. Besides, in order to cultivate our students into highly qualified application-oriented talents, we regard practicality as the key factor in teaching. What’s more, we not only offer the students more than 60 optional courses, but also make it available for them to select cross-level classes with their own interest and need. Students at different levels can select the elementaryintermediate and advanced courses with great flexibility. Moreover, we would like to mention that in order to foster every student into an all-round development talent, we also provide our students with a large amount of after-class activities, such as language practice, study tours, talent show and Chinese knowledge competition, which will be the best arena for them to put their knowledge into practice.

Welcome to The College of Advanced Chinese Training

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